Wholesale Bicycle Motor Kits

Wholesale Bicycle Motor KitsWholesale bicycle motor kits are usually discounted for dealers to purchase and resell to buyers. Thus allowing the manufacture and dealer to make a small profit by selling bicycle motor kits to potential buyers. This usually works out great for everyone involved. The buyer gets everything they need to motorize their bicycle and the manufacture and dealer make a sale.

Wholesale Bicycle Motor Kits are designed to help bike builders put together a motorized bike, with all the necessary parts. Motor kits usually contain an engine, gas tank, transmission/drivetrain, and cabling. These are just the basic parts, that are primarily and most motor bike kits.

Wholesale bicycle motor kits are shipped to the buyers by mail. Once the buyer receives their kit, they can start building their new custom bike. Most kits come with easy to follow instructions, so the most novice bike builder can assemble the kit on their bicycle.

If you have questions about wholesale Bicycle motor kits, please contact us right away. We can help you select the correct kit for your build.