80CC Bicycles

80CC Bicycles80cc bicycles are bikes that use a gas engine to power them. These bicycles have an engine mounted on a bike frame and a transmission that has a chain connected to a sprocket on the rear wheel. This allows the bicycle to be accelerated by the gas powered engine, as opposed to being pedaled. The bikes can still be paddled by foot, which makes them extremely versatile.

80cc bicycles generally use a four-stroke engine. This is one of the higher output engines used on motorized bikes. Most motorized bikes use a 49cc engine. When using a higher powered engine, you need to make sure you are using a very stable frame. With more torque and higher speeds you need the stability of a steel frame that is generally associated with a beach cruiser.

80cc bicycles get excellent gas mileage. They can be used as recreational vehicles or even daily drivers. These bikes can be ridden for up to a hundred miles for every gallon of gasoline. 80cc bicycles are extremely fuel-efficient.

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