Charlie Browns Bike. I don’t know why, but it reminds me of poor little Charlie Browns beat up mini bike. I would never do this to a mint bicycle, but this is restoration or parts bike, so lets have some fun! The Idea! 1 put very old motor in early 70’s MX bicycle. 2, have no pedals! With the little box for the crank instead of a normal set up means that I can, 1, replace crank with a jackshaft and mini bike clutch set up on the left side, vertically from the motor to the shaft and a sprocket on the right about the same size as the crank sprocket thats on it, thus simply replacing pedal power 2 just remove it all and do a conventional mini bike set up. 2, run the exhaust into the frame just in front of the motor where it comes out, weld all the holes and gaps in the frame to make it exit the simulated exhaust pipes at the back of the frame. 3, bicycle disk brakes front and rear and it needs shocks to replace the missing ones. Thats it so far. Gather up a few more bits and I’ll get on it. You can follow this build on my fab page @cr._a._sh._fabrication I’m going to let my inner demons loose!😈 ✌️🖖🤘 #eastcoastofcolorado #oldbicycle #motorizedbike