Late yesterday during the process of removing the motor from my old bike frame to the new one I discovered that the frame is just a touch too large in the front to mount properly unless I take my #anglegrinder Or #dremel to it. Though I am a bit leery of doing that and try to design around the bike as to not compromise the the structure of it. So an idea came to mind to mount the one gear wheel on the old bike and see what happens. So far a bit of slippage when pedaling along with quite a bit of effort to crank. I need to readjust the clutch it is too tight to engage properly with the friction plate. The plastic pedals included with the bike will have to be replaced with metal because of extra strain from the additional pressure from the chain drive. Hmm.. depending on how things go I might either repair this other frame I have. (The only problem is has is the tires need new #innertubes which is not so bad.) But for now I will see how this goes and see if I can even get the engine fired up and fix the chain issue without grinding off the gears from it slipping. #motorizedbike #engineering #creating #mrdappergent #mrdapperbike #mrdapperbikes #dapperbikes #megamanlegends #motorizedbikethings