So obviously I have not posted in a really long time .. 😂 Life since December has been full of crazy changes . I moved to a new home away from the sault and into the country more and I also switched schools as well , lots has been happening lately especially this past month with all the exams and tests for finishing the first semester. Anyway! Yep I moved and I Changed to a bigger school, I had to say good bye to all my friends at NDS and make new ones at Cass but so far so good! I haven’t had much time for my machines but it doesn’t mean nothing has been going on . I bought some performance upgrades for “DARLA” the motorized bike and some spare parts and stuff and there is gonna be a new addition to the machine family very soon… So stay excited for updates on everything! I’m hoping on posting more often since it’s only the start of the semester . I am enjoying everything very much my new home , new school . Anyway look out for anything I post because the next time you hear from me it’s gonna be pretty cool!! #motorizedbike #fordmodela