2018 eProdigy Electric Bike Updates Interbike (Magic, Fairweather Carbon, Bee’s Knees Rentals)

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2018 eProdigy Electric Bike Updates Interbike (Magic, Fairweather Carbon, Bee’s Knees Rentals)

For 2018, eProdigy is continuing to refine and enhance their Achiever mid-drive motor, which was designed to be more streamlined than competing offerings and is only offered on eProdigy bikes. It’s a coaxial bottom bracket internally geared design that is cylindrical in shape, completely hiding behind the standard sized chainring. This year, eProdigy is offering a higher power output option for this motor, rated at 750 watts nominal and peaking around 900 watts. This is a big step up from the early days when the Achiever motor was rated at 350 watts nominal. The new motor can offer up to 120 Newton meters of torque for climbing and hauling heavier loads or larger riders. It’s especially relevant in Vancouver Canada where there are many hills.

During the Interbike show, I was able to spend some time with Melody Chan, a co-founder and leader within the eProdigy company, to learn more about their latest ebike products and company programs. This company is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and has been around since 2011. Her father, who is now 80 years old, is a lead engineer and the developer of the Achiever motor. They are now using Panasonic Lithium-ion battery cells for their battery packs, which are widely recognized as being some of the most reliable in the industry.

For those who wish to go slower, eProdigy allows users to tone down wattage (which will have the side benefit of extending range). Their display system offers several levels of assist, they have easy to mount step-thru models with fun baskets and cute colors (clearly appealing to women) but also some sporty high-step models as well. You can ride these electric bicycles in throttle mode or pedal assist, which measures pedal cadence and does not require as much leg strength to operate once moving. All eProdigy bikes are limited to Class 2 with 20 mph top speed, some of the sportier models are now coming with hydraulic disc brakes. The throttle is modular, and can be disconnected and removed for those who want to ride as a Class 1 bike, perhaps riding on mountain bike trails.

Much of our conversation revolved around the new Magic step-thru model which is using a mid-frame downtube mounted battery pack. This frees up the rear rack to carry more weight and it reduces frame flex. It also lowers weight to improve handling and stability. This model will be sold in two levels, a base model and Pro. The base model is priced at $1,999 and is sold through dealers in the US and Canada. They offer a two year warranty including the battery pack which is very good! I liked that the battery had a USB A port on the top right so you could charge a phone or fun lights. The Pro model will come with a Gates carbon belt drive and NuVinci N380, making it cleaner and smoother, possibly quieter than a chain drive. These systems can be shifted at standstill and are much less likely to need tuneups or have chain drops. The Magic Pro is priced at $2,999 USD. The base model would have a 9-speed cassette but there’s also an upgrade to Sturmey Archer internally geared hub.

Another exciting model for 2018 is the lightweight Fairweather folding ebike that offers a carbon fiber frame in addition to the Gates carbon belt drive. I believe that this is their only 500 watt electric bike because it uses a 36 volt battery. It’s meant to be a lightweight commuter platform. The Fairweather is said to weigh under 35 lbs total, which is extremely light for an electric bike. I love that it has a roller wheel just below the motor mount, to make it easier to cart around when folded as well as a magnet to keep it folded. The Fairweather is priced at $3,999.

The final conversation point for us was the new Bee’s Knees electric bike rentals company that is part of eProdigy. It’s based in Vancouver and offers local tours as well as unguided rentals. They will take you across the Lion’s Gate Bridge in Vancouver and around town if you want to explore the area.

You can see some of my previous eProdigy ebike coverage at electricbikereview.com/brand/eprodigy/ and learn more about the company at their official website: www.eprodigybikes.com/

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