Ebike Owner Interview – 3 Years on an Easy Motion Neo City, Mike

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Ebike Owner Interview - 3 Years on an Easy Motion Neo City, Mike

I was traveling through Marin California, up near San Francisco, and randomly met a fellow named Mike who has owned an Easy Motion Neo City Electric bike for about three years. He was on his way to the hardware store to pick up some lightbulbs and decided to ride his-ebike instead of driving. We chatted about his experience owning and using the bike to get around town and explored his accessories and modifications a bit. First, Mike explained that most people don’t even realize he is riding an electric bike because of how well the battery is integrated. The hub motor is also fairly compact and hidden (sandwiched between the cassette and disc brake at the rear). He parks the bike in his shed but brings the battery inside to charge it (which protects it from heat). His bike was in excellent shape because of how he stores it out of the weather and elements.

Mike also likes how adjustable the handlebar and stem are, you can raise or lower and even twist the bars all without a tool because of the adjustable stem on this ebike. I asked whether it had come loose at all (which I have heard can happen when riding over a lot of rough terrain) but he said it still felt very strong. He called the ergonomic grips and saddle comfortable but his saddle was starting to fade and peel a bit. Unlike some of the diamond high-step frames, Mike said he had no problem getting onto the bike because it is a step-thru.

Mike said that 99% of the time, he uses pedal assist and chooses the lowest option. His odometer said 1,400+ miles and he told me that he has ridden so far, he needed to get new tires put on at one point because the old ones were losing their tread. I asked whether he felt like he was riding more frequently because of his ebike and he said yes, he still gets a workout and he doesn’t get as hot and sweaty.

Accessories he added:
– Handlebar bottle cage adapter like this: amzn.to/2uycqqT
– Insulated CamelBak water bottle like this: amzn.to/2vwhoBX
– Clip-on front handlebar basket like this: amzn.to/2hUn9Gh
– Clip-on front handlebar bag like this: amzn.to/2vsy1jr
– Black bar mounted flick-bell like this: amzn.to/2fAek3Q
– A Blackburn trunk bag with panniers like this: amzn.to/2fAJfwP

Full review of the Easy Motion Neo City with specs and details: electricbikereview.com/easy-motion/neo-city/

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