E-Bike Open House Customer Interviews

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E-Bike Open House Customer Interviews

On August 26th, 2017 I visited the Electric Bicycle Center in Fullerton, California to attend the Ebike Extravaganza event that Sam Townsend puts on (this was the 5th Annual event). During the open house, 9am to 5pm, I met a bunch of visitors and customers who agreed to go on camera and share their thoughts. This video includes some of those informal interviews.

The first gentleman I spoke with was John and he just wanted to share how happy he was with the 2017 OHM Urban electric bike (which uses a BionX D-Series), we talked about shipping, how much he uses the throttle vs. assist, and how he was enjoying the event. The second person was Greg, and he was comparing a few Haibike models with Bosch drive vs. Yamaha drive systems. He had read and watched reviews but just wanted to try them in person. He explained that the Yamaha motor requires you to shift more frequently in order to stay in the power band. He said that Bosch stayed in power longer but that both felt great and smooth. The third person I spoke with was Rene, who is part of a home brew club and his friends had all started purchasing e-bikes. He explored FLX and then bought a converted KHS bike that uses the e-RAD mid-drive motor. Later in the video I actually saw this bike and spent some more time with Rene. I spoke with one other Haibike customer and then ran into a gentleman named Matt. He had ridden some Easy Motion and Motiv models but was looking for more of the fat tire ebikes. He was interested in M2S bikes, a brand I have not reviewed yet.

A bit later, I spoke with Charles and his girlfriend about ebikes. She wanted a cute folding electric bike for the $1,000 price range. I took them over to look at e-Joe and we talked about color choices and realized that the bike was a bit heavy and expensive for them so I moved on. Later, I met with Carol who was trying to see what it was like to pedal an unpowered Easy Motion vs. with the motor on. Then, I met with Thomas and Will in the SmartMotion booth and we chatted about a whole range of bikes. He liked the Motiv and Bulls as well but the throttle on the Smart Motion was unique and had him interested. Chris actually came out and spoke to us about SmartMotion and then I went inside to cool off and metup with Matt and Pat to talk about their folding bike search. They ended up with Magnums (the Premium high-power model). Then I connected with Michael Anthony, who has multiple sclerosis (MS) and has had some knee surgeries. He was a professional skier but now uses electric bikes to train and heal. He started his training by duct taping his hurt leg into place on one of the pedals of a stationary bike. He also explained that he chose a full suspension mountain bike because it reduced pressure on his spine and legs. He rides on Bike MS and uses a Bulls electric bike for big events. He needs a smaller frame and keeps the saddle low so he won’t lose balance when mounting and dismounting. Towards the very end of the event, I met a gentleman who had converted a Trek bike to electric using a Lunacycle kit. Sam joined me and we looked at all of the unique customizations. He used Ear Bags to muffle out wind noise while wearing ear buds and riding his bike.

The Electric Bicycle Center is located at: 400 E. Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832 and their website is: electricbicyclecenter.com

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