Electric Bike Podcast #2 – Cold Weather Tips & Gear, Velomobiles, Sondors Car, Haibike Denver

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Electric Bike Podcast #2 - Cold Weather Tips & Gear, Velomobiles, Sondors Car, Haibike Denver

The main topic for this podcast was cold weather tips and it started with a guest commentary with Steve Lindenau, the CEO of Easy Motion Electric bikes. His company is one of the only I’ve heard of that offers mainstream two wheel drive ebikes including the Evo Snow and Big Bud Pro. They deliver better traction and have an optional accessory Neoprene wrap that can be zipped on to keep the packs from getting cold so fast which impacts range and can also damage the cells (extreme cold and extreme heat). After a bit of chatting Mikey G from Blue Monkey Bicycle chimed in about Bar Mitts and neck warmers. Chris and Brett also joined in on the topic with scarfs and even full body suits. I was excited to see the full body bicycling suit and we got into safety with reflective clothing and lights. Some helmets now offer warm liners and Mikey had one from Bern which could be swapped out in the summer for a visor. He also suggested using rain pants for riding in the snow and rain, you can wear them over your jeans or other regular pants. Another great accessory is the tubular scarf which can be pulled up over your mouth and ears but take note your breath can fog up glasses. From here we transitioned to discussion on the Sondors Electric Car, the Organic Transit ELF Velomobile and wind farings for bikes. The subject of crotch strength on pants came up and that there are some pants that can be reinforced or are specially made for cycling. Later I talked about my trip from Arizona to SoCal and then we got into news. People for Bikes had their first Draft meetup event in San Francisco recently and has several more coming up throughout the year. You can meet others who enjoy bicycling. Haibike has moved their headquarters in the US to Denver Colorado and the governer John Hickenlooper has created the Colorado Pedals Project to expand infrastructure. There’s talk of a new TDCM mid drive motor with five speed internal gearing from Sturmey Archer and this week CBS is airing a 60 Minutes episode on mechanical doping in professional cycling, the Vivax assist from Gruber came up as one of the smaller less detectable ebike motors.

Other things we talked about:
– Chris’s shop in Brookly New York, Propel Bikes: propelbikes.com/
– Brett and Karen’s shop in San Francisco and Marin California, New Wheel: newwheel.net/
– Mikey’s shop in Salt Lake City Utah, Blue Monkey Bicycles: www.bluemonkeybicycles.com/
– 60 Minutes Mechanical Doping interview with Istvan Varjas: www.cyclingnews.com/news/cbs-60-minutes-investigates-mechanical-doping-in-professional-cycling/
– Tubular Scarfs (all sorts of companies make these): www.etsy.com/market/tubular_scarf
– Respro Pollution Mask: respro.com/pollution-masks and totobobo mask totobobo.com/
– Bicycle Farings from Zzipper www.zzipper.com/
– Organic Transit ELF: organictransit.com/
– One Piece Bikesuit www.bikesuit.eu/
– AB Fits clothing alterations in San Francisco: www.abfits.com/
– People for Bikes Draft Events: www.peopleforbikes.org/pages/draft and Facebook page: www.facebook.com/DraftMeetup/
– Colorado Pedals Project: www.bicyclecolorado.org/initiatives/colorado-pedals-project/
– Accell E-Bike Motor with Integrated 5-Speed TDCM and Sturmey Archer: www.bike-eu.com/home/nieuws/2017/1/accell-launches-e-bike-motor-with-integrated-5-speed-gear-hub-10128755
– Inventor of hidden motors UCI Tour de France: cyclingtips.com/2016/10/inventor-of-hidden-motors-accuses-uci-of-blocking-motor-tests-at-2016-tour-de-france/
– SoundCloud Podcasts: soundcloud.com/user-280486140

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