Lectric Cycles in Las Vegas Nevada (e-RAD, SmartMotion, Leckey)

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Lectric Cycles in Las Vegas Nevada (e-RAD, SmartMotion, Leckey)

Lectric Cycles is an electric bike shop in North Las Vegas Nevada that is also a producer and importer for e-RAD kits and SmartMotion ebikes. I visited their shop and took a tour with Chris Head in September 2016 to get a feel for their upcoming products and see the brand new space. This shop carries a wide range of ebikes from folding models, cargo e-bikes, mountain bikes and some very high power, high speed stuff.

Lectric Cycles now offers converted KHS frames, Yuba and Tern folding electric bikes with their e-RAD motor and battery kits installed. Some of their dealers also offer this service and I was told they will even convert your existing bike to electric if you prefer. You get to choose which motor size you want from 350 to 750 to 1,000 watt and they have multiple battery sizes (all 48 volt now but 14.5 ah or 17.5 ah). Chris mentioned Virtue Cycles which also uses their e-RAD drive system for the Pedalist and other velomobile creations. We also explored some of the Leckey crank arms and chain rings made custom to fit BBS02 mid-drives and align pedaling more perfectly.

There’s so much to share about Lectric Cycles and their sub-brands, I think one of the neatest things about their company is how they will customize frames and work with customers to get the final product just right… whether that means different battery sizes, larger motors, the perfect chain ring size or converting a bike that is brought in, they have the fabrication skills, tools and different parts to make it special and ideal for you.

– Address: 3525 W Cheyenne Ave #109, North Las Vegas, NV 89032
– Phone: (702) 444-7474
– Lectric Cycles Website: www.lectriccycles.com/
– e-RAD Website: www.eradkits.com/
– SmartMotion Website: www.smartmotionbikesusa.com/

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