2017 Scott Electric Bikes at Interbike (E-Silence, E-Scale, E-Spark)

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2017 Scott Electric Bikes at Interbike (E-Silence, E-Scale, E-Spark)

Scott was presenting their traditional line of bicycles as well as a few interesting ebikes that might make it to America for 2017. Their booth was one of the largest at Interbike and the rep I spoke with, Nic Sims, was happy to share some of their new advanced technology. He explained that in Europe, Scott has over 40 electric bike models for sale but they are still dialing in their strategy for the US market.

In 2016 Scott had brought a couple electric bicycle models to the US including the E-Sub Tour and E-Sub Sport which were priced competitively in the $3,500 range (which is great for a Bosch Powered fully-accessorized commuter). Looking forward, Scott is considering three new models including the E-Silence which is powered by the Brose mid-drive motor system but still includes fenders and a rack. One of the neat things about this electric bike is the belt drive. They also offer a hardtail trail model powered by a Bosch Centerdrive called the E-Scale (for scaling mountains!) and finally, a full suspension cross country mountain model called the E-Spark that uses the Shimano STEPS mid-drive. So all of the models use middrive which is efficient, well distributed (in terms of weight) and they all use a different manufacturer!

Nic and I delved into the history of Scott for a bit, being an older well established brand and then we talked about how electric bikes are being marketed in the USA and that it’s still a relatively new technology that is kind of unknown to a lot of people. How should dealers approach individual customers vs. renting them and approaching hotels or companies that could get a fleet. One example was doing a full lap of Lake Tahoe on just one charge. For people who are from sea level the e-assist product can make high altitude riding approachable. Towards the end of our interview, I asked about a non-electric bicycle called the Scale and Nic explained that it’s the RC SL (super light) that weighs just 17 lbs… If you want the full suspension version RC900 SL it weighs just 21 lbs! Pretty awesome

One of the shops that I’ve seen carrying Scott electric bikes so far is Cynergy E-Bikes in Portland Oregon which has a website at www.cynergyebikes.com

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