2017 Riese & Müller Updates from Interbike (Delite, Charger, Load FS Cargo)

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2017 Riese & Müller Updates from Interbike (Delite, Charger, Load FS Cargo)

This year at Interbike I got to meet Heiko Müller, the President of Riese and Müller electric bicycle company from Germany. I was immediately struck by the unique cargo style ebikes and dual-battery Bosch powered trekking models… one even had full suspension! Heiko told me that they have been selling bicycles in Germany for 23 years so far which is pretty impressive, they got into electric assist bikes about 8 years back (around 2008) and now they focus predominantly on ebikes (making the major shift in 2012).

These guys focus on high quality electric bicycles but as we covered the different models it struck me that they weren’t priced at astronomical levels, they seemed reasonable for what you get and the level of refinement. The first model we looked at was the front loader “Load” model which has a cargo bucket in the front and uses the Bosch Centerdrive system for support in hauling. What really amazed me was the full suspension design! This makes the bike comfortable for you AND your cargo, which could be children, there were five point harness seatbelts up front. Additionally, they sell a clear raincover over the bucket and the bike costs $6,500 starting and uses the new 500 watt Powerpack. The next bike we checked out was the top of the line commuter model called the Delight which uses two batteries. When yo uplug it in both batteries get charged and as you draw from it the batteries both drain slowly (not one then the other) which is better for the cells inside. Having a second battery doesn’t actually add that much weight, about 5.5 lbs for the pack and maybe another .5 for the mount. It used the NuVincie N380 Continuously Variable Transmission and is a full suspension. The Delight gets a 100+ mile range and weighs about 65 lbs with the two battery setup. There was also a cool belt drive with riser that keeps things on track with rear suspension swing arm (the length doesn’t change as you ride over bumps).

I really love the integrated LED lights, the strong, stable rear rack for adding a bag or panniers. You get full length fenders as well, to improve use in wet conditions. The Delite also comes in three different colors and three different sizes! You can choose belt or go with a chain drive. You can even get the hard core Rohloff internally geared hub.

You can visit their official website at www.r-m.de/de/ but note, it’s in German so if you want to learn more in English keep an eye out, I’ll be doing reviews later this year or early next here in America with some shops that carry the brand. I asked Heiko why they chose to use Bosch vs. Yamaha and Brose and he said they loved the performance of the CX motor, they offer some of the best quality and since Bosch is a German company it’s nice that they are neighbors. Towards the end we looked at the Charger model that goes for $3,500 and it’s a hardtail version of the Delite. I asked about putting a bottle cage and he said you CAN add them but they leave it open for doing battery packs as well. You can mount dual bottle cages if you want, one on each side of the head tube area.

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