Yamaha Motorized Bicycle

A Yamaha motorized bicycle is generally a bike that has been converted to use a gas powered Yamaha engine. Most bike builders prefer to use Yamaha engines on their bicycles, when converting them to gas powered bicycles. Most engines use for gas powered bicycles are either 49cc or 80cc engines.

A Yamaha motorize bicycle can either be a two-stroke or four-stroke engine. Many people preferred the four-stroke engines over two-stroke engines, because they typically last longer and you do not have to mix the gas and oil together. Many believe this cuts down on the maintenance and gives the engine a longer lifespan.

A Yamaha motorized bicycle is one of the most desired types of engine and bicycle combinations. Many bike builders have gotten hundreds, if not thousands of miles out of their Yamaha engines. Once you use a Yamaha engine on your motorized bicycle, you will understand the difference in quality right away.

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