Whizzer Bicycle Motors

Whizzer Bicycle Motors have been around since 1939. Originally, Whizzer motors were manufactured out of airplane parts and were called Whizzer model “D” bicycle motors. The original kit sold for $54. It included a four-stroke engine, that was air cooled. Almost 1000 of the model “D” were sold.

One year later Whizzer Bicycle Motors released a new model, which was called model “E”. The engine was basically the same as the model “D”, but with several improvements. The major change was with the cylinder head. It was changed to aluminum to help cool the engine better. The camshaft was improved for better performance and they also added a dipstick. This was essential for checking oil levels.

During World War II, Whizzer Bicycle Motors had to lobby the United States government, for the right to continue producing motorized bicycles. Whizzer bicycles came in handy for military personnel to travel to and from work, thus allowing them to keep producing motorized bicycles during wartime. During this timeframe they released a new model that was only available for defense workers.

At the end of World War II, Whizzer Bicycle Motors were back in full swing. They created a new model that had the same drivetrain and a large 5 quart gas tank. Around this time Whizzer moved its production facilities from California to Michigan. This allowed whizzer to use the auto manufactures for outsourcing their labor and components.

In 2009 Whizzer Bicycle Motors Celebrated its 70th anniversary. The new wizard motorbikes still come in the same classic styles but have many upgrades such as wider wheels, disk breaks, automatic CVT drive and modern day accessories.

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