Small Gas Motors for Bicycles

Small gas motors for bicycles are generally 49cc 2-stroker or 4-stroke engines. These engines are mounted on bicycles and powered by gasoline. Due to their small size and weight, they are a perfect fit for bicycles. Most small gas motors, are the size of a lawnmower engine.

Small gas motors for bicycles have tons of benefits. Riders can achieve speeds of 35 mph and nearly get 150 miles per gallon of gasoline. This makes these engines very economical. The best part is, most of these motors can be purchased for under a few hundred dollars.

There are several brands of small gas motors for bicycles on the market. Two of the most popular engines are Hondas and HuaSheng. Both of these brands have shown to last a very long time, produce a lot of power, and are very reliable. Most motorized bike builders preferred these brands to any others.

In addition to small gas motors for bicycles, the transmission/drivetrain plays a big role. There are many different types of transmissions out there, but one of the best that we have found is the Q-Matic. It is American-made, and has a proven track record of lasting for a very long time.

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