Rounded Handlebars

Rounded handlebars might not be as easy to buy, as one would think. Most people are under the impression that they can visit a bicycle shop in their area and pickup a set of handlebars. It’s just not that easy. There are many things to consider when purchasing rounded handlebars. A few questions to ask yourself are what is the width, shape, materials and thickness of the bars?

Buying handlebars in the past was not really an issue, because all the bars basically came with the same center section size. Bike manufactures used inverted stems and alloy bars, so whatever stems he had would fit most bars. Now with different shaped bars and different center section sizes, you cannot use the same inverted stems.

All rounded handlebars and stems were manufactured out of steel in the past, but now they make alloy and carbon handlebars. Steel handlebars are very strong, but the downside to using them is that they are heavy. Most people building motorized bicycles, want handlebars that are very sturdy and stable.

Most bike manufacturers today, use alloy handlebars. This makes the bikes cheaper to build, but stability and strength is lost. Most people do not notice a difference between steel and alloy rounded handle bars.

rounded handlebars