Q-Matic Transmission

The Q-Matic Transmission is a one system drivetrain that are made in the USA! This complete drivetrain kit can get up to 150 MPG. The Q-Matic kit has everything you’ll need to turn your bike into a motorized bicycle.


Everyone that uses the Q-Matic transmission enjoys hundreds of miles of motorbiking. These drivetrains do not use oils or messy grease. If you are looking for a motorized bicycle that can be used as a daily driver, then the Q-Matic drivetrain is for you.

The Q-Matic transmission was designed to solve issues that other motorized bike kits experience. The Q-Matic was built to last, that is why the makers of the Q-Matic drivetrain offer a one year dealer warranty.

Stop replacing broken parts and get a motorized bicycle kit that works. Contact us about ordering a Q-Matic Transmission.