How to Make a Motorized Bike?

How to Make a Motorized Bike? This is a question that we are asked often. Everyone wants to know how to make their own motorized bike. There are a few things to keep in mind when building your own motorized bicycle. Below are some simple steps to follow.

How to Make a Motorized Bike?

1. Selecting a Frame – The first thing you will need to do is select a frame. The preferred frame is generally a beach cruiser model bicycle. Most bike builders prefer to use a 19″ steel frame.

2. Motors – Primarily bike builders use two and four-stroke 49cc Chinese engines. Many people use two-stroke engines because they are cheap. We have found for a longer-lasting engine, with less maintenance, you should consider using a four-stroke. In our opinion HS or Honda engines are the best to use.

3. Transmissions – One brand of drivetrain/transmission that we have found to work excellent, is the Q-Matic. This drivetrain is built to last and made in the USA! Some drivetrains can go a out after just a few miles of riding. The Q-Matic has been proven to last for hundreds, if not thousands of miles

4. Accessories – This is the final stage when building your bike. You can use accessories to customize the look and feel of your motorized bicycle. Some people prefer a ape hanger handlebars, whitewall tires, springer front ends, custom gas tanks, chopper forks, etc.. The best part is you get to decide how your bike will look.

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