Grubee Bike Engine

The Grubee Bike Engine came about in 1999, after Don Grubee visited China and road his first motorize bicycle. After Don bought his first 49cc engine kit, he returned home to Oklahoma and put the kit to use on his own personal bicycle.

Don installed the 49cc motor kit on a used bicycle. After taking his newly created motorized bicycle on a short trip around the lake in his hometown, he knew he had a winner. That was the beginning of the Grubee Bike Engine.

People in Don’s town love the idea of the motorized bicycle and the unique sound that it made. On his first trip around the lake in his hometown, Don sold his very first motorized bicycle. A passerby offered to purchase Don’s motorized bicycle for cash on the spot. At that moment he knew he had a business.

Don’s idea of going into business just became a reality with that sale. The Grubee Bike Engine company was founded and incorporated into 2001.

Over the years the Grubee Bike Engine has grown in popularity. This prompted Star-Fire & Skyhawk brand engine kits to be distributed in the USA. The ending kids were distributed out of Don’s warehouse in Oklahoma City.

With the help of the Grubee Bike Engine, motorized bicycling has now become a worldwide industry. One of the main reasons it grew in its popularity is because most states do not require a license, as long as a bike is under 50cc.

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