Felt Motorized Bicycle

A Felt Motorized Bicycle is a bike that has been converted to run with a gas engine. Felt makes many types of beach cruisers, that work perfectly with gas powered engines. Motorizing a bicycle is easy to do, you just need to purchase a motor bike kit and install it on a Felt bicycle.

A felt motorized bicycle works well with two-stroke and four stroke engines. Some Felt beach cruisers will require a custom motormouth installed on the frame. The best frame size to use, is a 19 inch adult frame. These frames are made for bigger people/adults.

A felt motorized bicycle is the perfect combination between a bike and a motorcycle. Felt frames run a little on the high-end for bicycles, but they are extremely well built and high-quality. It is definitely worth spending the extra money, to ensure that you will have a bicycle that will last you for a long time. Not to mention, Felt has some of the coolest styles and bike designs on the market.

If you are interested in a custom felt motorized bicycle, please contact us today.