50cc Bike Engine Kit

A 50cc bike engine kit has everything you need to turn your bicycle into a motorized bike. Each kit generally includes an engine, transmission/drivetrain, chain, sprocket and cabling. Most kits can be installed within a few hours.

A 50cc bike engine kit attaches to the frame of a bicycle. Most people use a beach cruiser frame to install the engine kit. Although, engine kits can be installed to almost any type of bike, some bicycles will take a custom motor mount.

The ideal bike is a 19 inch adult steel frame, with 26 inch rims and 12 gauge spokes. The rear sprocket for the engine kit is usually a 52 tooth sprocket. This sprocket allows for cruising speeds and the ability to climb hills from almost a dead stop.

Once you have a 50cc bike engine kit installed on your bicycle, you will be able to use it as a gas powered or a pedal bike. Most engine kits can reach a maximum speed of 35 mph and can get up to 100 miles per gallon.

If you are interested in a custom 50cc bike engine kit, please contact us today.

50cc Bike Engine Kit